UPDATE: The location for Day 3 Events has changed from the Pow-Wow Grounds to Kit Carson Park. Please see the Events page for more information.

The youth are the future. We will carry on the magnificent creation story we are a part of. And yet, our health does not seem to be a priority to mainstream society. The one-size-fits-all education model is convenient for the working world, but it serves to break us. We are all gifted in our own unique ways and if these gifts were valued and cultivated we could find our purpose and lead spiritually fulfilling lives. The way the economy is set up compels the advertising industry to manipulate us into consumer citizens and stifle our nature as confident and collaborative beings. We are born into a world of fierce competition instead of a world of peaceful synergy and exciting co-creation. This makes life painful, confusing and scary. Sometimes we feel more like shuffled objects than beloved and sacred beings to be heard, nurtured and celebrated.

Regeneration Festival is an inter-generational movement to change this and uplift future community leaders. Will you join us?

Regeneration Festival will take place on September 2-5, 2016.

Click here to see the complete list of planned activities or download the poster below.

Join the world in celebration of the next generation this September 2nd-5th 2016. Celebrate 1, 2, 3, or ALL 4 DAYS in whatever way you want. As Lakota ancestor Sitting Bull once said, "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can create for our children."


Please consider donating to Regeneration Festival in order to help us with our costs. Go here to donate. You can also share this link on social media: https://goo.gl/XK30r6 

This is our first attempt to do fundraising for Regeneration Festival like this. In fact, we haven't really done any fundraising in the past. We just relied on the generosity of community members and the volunteers. This year we are working to expand a little and that requires some assistance. No one receives payment for their organizing. Please show your support to help us acquire some basics such as port-a-potties & washing station, food and snacks, bottles of water, electricity and travel for some of our performers. Thank you so much for anything that you can bless us with.

You can help Regeneration Festival in so many ways - volunteering, showing up to celebrate with us or doing a celebration in your own community and helping to pay for the basics (banner updating, food, port-a-cans & wash station, electricity and travel) that we need to put this event on with this funding campaign.

If you cannot donate monetarily, then you are welcome to donate your time, energy and skills to us. Please contact us if you are able to help out!